Thursday, September 17, 2009

Yes, I do knit... I just can't figure out Blog Programs

Girasole is finished. It has been for over a month and I'm off on to several new yarn starts. I have a child's neckdown bolero to finish by tomorrow for a commission, an Isager jacket started, a Cheryl Oberle Jacket started for a shop model, a couple of shawls, errr... more stuff... need to find sock knitting books... Yeah, I knit, and collect yarn. Where is my Ikea shelving?

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  1. Huh, twice in one day I see a reference to Girasole (the other was in the Knit Purl newlsetter). And yours is so lovely I'm starting to think this needs to move up on my queue. Nice job (the pups certainly seem to think so!).