Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Navy Seals Took My Lifeboat

Yeah, yeah, I know, a free fall lifeboat setting in front of my house would have looked pretty silly. At least I got some revenge before the boat sailed off to a museum in Florida.

Yes, that is Loopy from theloopyewe.com

Loopy was in the lifeboat and out of the lifeboat. He examined the 22 bullet holes (4 outgoing), and
helped seal up the bullet holes as the boat was taking on water.
The only thing missing was a Sharpie pen for him to use. You know, just the usual graffiti: "For a Good Time Call 1-900-Somali Pirate," "Richie Luvs Andrea," "Lars luvs Rusty," etc. I'll now have to make do with new Ikea shelving due to arrive next week to stow my yarn.


  1. I want to know what bumper stickers you have on your car, assuming you have one.

    ooo - new Ikea yarn storage (why don't they just call them yarnshelves is what I want to know!)

  2. Hiya!

    Yep, can you believe what hubby and I've been up to since I saw you in January? Needless to say, my February thru August (except for the 8 days when Capt. Richard took command in April so hubby could come home and mow the lawn once) was Very interesting. The stress factor can be measured by the Bohus sweater kits and yarn stash growth! I'm still waiting on Ikea to say when they will deliver. I just wish they had a store here. It'd make life so much easier!