Monday, June 15, 2009

A Knitting Blog With No Knitting

Nothing is more boring than a blog without pictures. The USB cable to my camera has been located but not by me. One of the doxie's found it first. I"m sure she thinks she was helping. So, there will be no pictures of knitting tonight either.

Even one of the cats is out to get me tonight. Igor, the kitten found the phone cord to the modem and bit it in half. Ha ha! I fooled him! I had a spare and have since put the modem out of his reach. Another USB cable that will fit this camera is a different story. In the meantime, here is another picture of the boat I want.

I realize that it needs a little bit of work but it should do nicely. It has a lot of cubby holes in it that I can stick lavender bottles and cedar chips in to keep the bugs out of my stash. Speaking of stash. I'm talking about my yarrrrrrrn, matey. I'd show you the inside of the boat but then what would be the point of putting it in my front yard and selling tickets to tour the inside? I'm off now to see where I can order a replacement USB cable that will fit a Nikon Coolpix S220.

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