Sunday, June 14, 2009

I Want the Orange Boat for my yarn

The picture on the left is of the Captain who didn't get caught, didn't get the book deal, and wasn't asked who he thinks should play him in the movie.

And that's my boat. At least I want it to be my boat. You see, it's of no use where it is now and I want to stow some of my knitting yarn that is overtaking the house in it. I want to put the lifeboat on the lawn in front of the house to kill the grass that needs to be mowed and sell tickets to tour the inside of it. The skipper says it'd cost too much to ship but I can still hope.

In the meantime, I have started Jared Flood's Girasole for the Loopy Ewe KAL. I'm doing it in fingering weight and in green using the same yarn as I have just started chart D. It is a fun knit and I'd show you but I am still looking for the cord to download pictures. I think some of the other yarn and unfinished projects have swallowed it. I really am beginning to drown in all of this fiber which is why I want that lifeboat.


  1. I do say the Captain is a handsome devil!

  2. Dear Rusty, T & T in Lakewood, COLO send a big hello. Glad the Captain and you are alive and well. Sorry about family news, my heart is with you. Disco Duck sends her love as well. Keep afloat and come teach us to pick up the needles with you. I might not have space for yarn on top of the beads I have stored. We are land locked so hope of a life raft in my future. Will keep in touch.